Tuesday, 14 September 2010

I Shall Wear Midnight

hmm well i feel like i should write up a small blog even if its just to let you all know that i have every intention of keepin this up :) the only problem is that i have no idea what to write about ...
i could write about the most recent terry pratchett book that i've read i suppose
right here goes hopefully i'll do it justice and give it a review that it deserves :)
I Shall Wear Midnight is the most recent in a series of books about a witch called Tiffany Aching by Terry Pratchett like the rest of the books about tiffany its set in the disc world, a world which bears some similarities to ours and also some very noticeable differances the main one being that the disc world is flat and sits atop four elephants riding on the back of a giant turtle which drifts through space.
this particular series started of with the wee free men and carries on into a hat full of sky, winter smith and i shall wear midnight. of course it goes with out saying that all 50 of the discworld books are linked to each other although its not entirely neccessary to read them in order it does help to gain an understanding of the discworld.  Anyway i digress, as stated before I Shall Wear Midnight is the latest in a set of books about tiffany aching
Tiffany Aching is a witch. And she thinks she's doing a good job for the people of the Chalk (which bears a startling similarity to the area in england which has a rather infamous carving of a giant man on a hill side). Even if the job does seem to involve a lot of bandaging legs and cutting old ladies toenails and not a lot in the way of well magic or sleep.
However they're is a rather malevolent presence around which was first seen around the time when burning witches at the stake was considered a popular pastime and it waking up all the old stories about evil old witches, just imagine all the usual stuff spinning wheels, tall towers, and that age old tradition of witches turning milk sour anf generally being the cause of everything going wrong and you're pretty close.
suddenly Tiffany isn't entirely sure she's doing the right thing and matters are not helped by her allies the nac mac feegles, think ancient celtic warriors only imagine them being 3inches tall and even more fond of fighting and drinking then the real thing and that gives you a good idea of their character, they are also extremely loyal and they speak in very broad scottish accents.
Things are supposed to look better after a good nights sleep but needless to say they don't they look a whole lot worse, and tiffany must use all her knowledge to deal with it as a witch must deal with whats in front of her.
Tiffany is by far my favourite fictional heroine mainly because of the fact that she is perfectly capable of looking after her self and isn't taken to having fits of the vapours nor needs saving by some dashing young man like a lot of other fictional heroines indeed she seems to do most of the saving including hitting the faierie queen with a frying pan so that she would release a captive (see the wee free men for more details)
the great theing about the Terry Pratchett books is that they have a brilliantly funny dialogue with high peaks of imagination as well as a passion for language, wordplay and puns burst from the pages frequently making one laught out loud (not so good when your on  a bus or train as it causes you to get several funny looks from the other passengers...
I think this is definatley my favourite Discworld novel after the amazing maurice and his educated rodents which will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the first Pratchett book that i read back when i was 10 and at a very impressionable age i have been hooked ever since :)
I await the next Discworld installation with bated breath heres hoping that i wont have very long to wait

Saturday, 11 September 2010

my first blog :)

so i decided after reading a few other blogs on this site that i would have a go a creating my own...
i feel like i'm jumping on the proverbial bandwagon a little but to be frank its quite a nice bandwagon to be on and i refuse to jump on the twitter bandwagon.
I should probably tell you a little bit about myself ...
well my names sophie and i come from shetland much like another blogger on here (no prizes for guessing who though) Although i am currently situated in greenock studying the NQ to makeup artistry and hairdressing at the james watt college and enjoying it very much :)
i am also a massive terry pratchett fan to the point where its a bit of an obsession really as the rest of this blog will probably prove, just to give you an example a while back i was watching telly as i tend to do when i'm bored and have nothing to read which luckily doesn't happen very often on the reading sense anyway, and i saw an advert for a film version of going postal now imagine my delight at this and then my dissapoitment when i realised it was on a fecking sky channel cue much begging on my part for mum and dad to get a sky subscription just so that i could watch it, they didn't to which i spent the grand total of 2 days not speaking to them , i told you i was obsessed.
well i should probably sign off now before i bore whoever reads this to tears...