Saturday, 11 September 2010

my first blog :)

so i decided after reading a few other blogs on this site that i would have a go a creating my own...
i feel like i'm jumping on the proverbial bandwagon a little but to be frank its quite a nice bandwagon to be on and i refuse to jump on the twitter bandwagon.
I should probably tell you a little bit about myself ...
well my names sophie and i come from shetland much like another blogger on here (no prizes for guessing who though) Although i am currently situated in greenock studying the NQ to makeup artistry and hairdressing at the james watt college and enjoying it very much :)
i am also a massive terry pratchett fan to the point where its a bit of an obsession really as the rest of this blog will probably prove, just to give you an example a while back i was watching telly as i tend to do when i'm bored and have nothing to read which luckily doesn't happen very often on the reading sense anyway, and i saw an advert for a film version of going postal now imagine my delight at this and then my dissapoitment when i realised it was on a fecking sky channel cue much begging on my part for mum and dad to get a sky subscription just so that i could watch it, they didn't to which i spent the grand total of 2 days not speaking to them , i told you i was obsessed.
well i should probably sign off now before i bore whoever reads this to tears...

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