Friday, 10 December 2010

10 things that have made my week

10. rediscovering my love for classical music
 9. having the week off college due to snow even though i only live 2 minutes walk away
 8. i finally got around to reading all my etsy newsletter emails and whilst i've got a snowballs chance in hell of actually being able to afford the items i want i still had a very pleasurable evening of drooling over pretty things
 7. cups of tea and mr kipling festive bakewell tarts omnomnom
 6. taking part in the bbc book challenge and discovering i'd read 96 of the books listed , the bbc book challenege for anyone who doesnt know is a list of 100 books compiled by the bbc  and there is a group on facebook where you can tick all the books on the list that you've read popular belief is that the average person will have read only 6 of the books on the list.
 5. its nearing christmas time yay for advent calenders and christmassy stuff in general
 4. i have a bottle of wine sitting in my fridge which is just crying out to be cracked upon and have acheeky glass taken out of it :)
 3 this tune its making me feel slightly teary eyed but so what its pretty :)
 2 check it out there's loads of pretty things on there and her blog is just the right mix of whimsical fairytale prettiness and and something a little harder to decipher
 1. playing with my makeup i managed to get a passable makeup look for an elfin warrior/archer concept that i'm working on and once i've perfected it i'll put a couple of pictures up on here :)

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