Monday, 13 December 2010

lazy student 10 minute supper

right the following recipe is the results of me staring in frustration at the contents of my cupboard/fridge and wondering what in the world i'm going to have for my tea so without further ado i give you the "lazy student 10 minute supper"

 you will need:
 3 fish fingers
 2 rashers of smoked back bacon
 half a mug of pasta and the same of frozen peas
 a dollop of ketchup
 a knob of butter
 a smallish saucepan
 boiling water ( enough to cover the pasta in the pan)
 a grill set to the ighest temp it'll go to

 what to do:
 1. wack the bacon and the fish fingers under the grill at the same time put the pasta onto the hob to cook. Once 5 minutes are up turn the bacon and the fish fingers.
 2. about 7 minutes into the cooking time add the peas to the water the pasta is cooking and boil on high for remaining 3 minutes
 3. once 10 mins are up drain pasta and peas and tip back into saucepan.
 4. tear bacon (which should be nice and crispy by now) and the fish fingers in to the pasta add ketchup (as much or as little as you like) and a good knob of butter and give everything a quick stir before tipping the lot into a bowl and tucking in

 nb the above definatley isn't something you would serve at a posh dinner party and is more the kind of thing that you would cook up and eat after coming home at 3 in the  morning from a wild night out and hey its semi balanced after all it contains the 3 major food groups and the fish fingers could be substituted for sausages although i would reccomend cutting the sausages in half lengthways to cut down on cooking time. finally any of the meaty ingridients can easily be swapped for vegeterian substitutes :)

 let me know if you've tried this and what you think of it

mouldy cheese, comments etc to the usual address or you know just post a comment on here lol

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