Saturday, 29 January 2011


well considering its been well over a month since i last updated *dodges rotten fruit* i honestly meant to update a lot earlier but things kind of got a little distracting and to be honest i didn't actually have anything worth writing about technically i still don't but heck I've gone  without updating for long enough so for now I'm going to give you  all a list of my current obsessions slash things i enjoy :)
 and without further ado here it is ...
 obsession number 1 is  most definitely a band called Tokio  Hotel, their a German band although most of their songs have been translated into English although i prefer the original versions as the emotion in them is much more apparent, anyway the band consists of identical twins Bill Kaulitz (vocal) and Tom Kaulitz (guitar) although you cant actually tell that there identical twins but they are, Georg listig on bass  and Gustav schafer on drums. I have to admit that i liked this band a couple of years ago but have only recently got back into them and so far i have yet to hear a song that i dislike from utterly heart wrenching songs such as spring nicht, heilig, 1000 meer and in your shadow i can shine to songs that make you want to get up and dance/sing along with reckless abandonment such as reden, ubers ende der welt and schrei they are all equally good. there is also the small matter of them being incredibly easy on the eye (see evidence below) and they're all damn talented considering the fact that they recorded and released they're first single when the twins were 13 and it went pretty much straight to number one after a week in the charts the song was durch den monsun if any ones interested in giving it a listen, anyway time for some eye candy :)
obsession number 2 is smut cause literary pron is so much better than visual pron *nods emphatically* although I've probably been reading a little to much of it as my mind has finally done what its been threatening for the last few years and bypassed straight from the gutter to sewer level without so much as a by your leave but heck life is so much more amusing when you have a dirty mind...
 Obsession number 3 is coffee i have finally managed to perfect the art of making the perfect cafetiere *happy squeal* now i just need to find a coffee shop that can make a decent soya latte and I'm all set :)
 Obsession number 4 is reading currently I'm reading time after time by molly Keane and really enjoying it but i suspect a trip to oxfam may be in order to pick up a few more books :)
 and last but not least Obsession number 5 is watching makeup videos on YouTube because there are some amazingly talented people out there =)

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