Thursday, 10 March 2011


so once again its been a while since I updated this I did honestly mean to but various issues prevented it :(
anyway this following post has been inspired by a thread on a forum that i frequent rather alot entitled 50 things you'd like to do in your life time as of yet i dont have 50 things but here is a list of 10
10, visit the following countries, Japan, Italy, Finland, Spain, Poland
9, get a decently paid job
8, take part in a suspension either rope based or a proper one that involves hooks being shoved through parts of your anatomy and you being hoisted up off the ground
7, get a new tattoo and more piercings although nothing that will prevent number 19 which actually leaves me with a lot of scope (nipple piercings here i come)
6, get back into writing poetry and short stories which i haven't done for a while, writers block is a pain in the backside...
5, learn to speak at least 2 other languages fluently or at least fluently enough that i don't sound like a twat
4, be happy with myself, i'm getting there slowly :)
3, do something that involves singing in public, even if its just taking part in a kareoke night at the local pub, i've been told that i have quite a good singing voice but my confidence isn't great.
2, learn how to play the guitar i will do this i have a lovely guitar which is just sitting at home gathering dust
1, see at least one of my favourite bands in concert, i'm not counting download here as the festival atmosphere is very different to a concert atmosphere

so there it is and now time for a challenge what are the things that you would like to do with your life it can be anything you like :)

on another note this is my picture of the week

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