Thursday, 18 November 2010

filthy gorgeous, harry potter and book of the week

well today was an eventful day...
 As a treat one of the makeup lecturers on my course organised a trip to the filthy gorgoeous counter in glasgows debenhams, filthy gorgeous for those of you that don't know is a salon and beauty brand who originally started in london, they are a fairly new company but i can already see them doing well for themselves especially as they are so much more than just a salon they also do airbrushing, tempory tattoos and various treatments as well as having various beauty products for sale which include evry thing from cleansers to bath products and scented candles, they also have their own range of jewellery which is fabulously quirky i'm rather enamoured by the charm necklace with mini coke tins.
as part of the trip one of the things we got to do, after having a quick demo, was use the air guns i have to say i would whole heartedly reccomend getting an airbrushing kit as once you get used to the application technique its really easy to use and you get perfectly flawless and even coverage, yet it doesn't feel heavy it just feels nice and light weight...
 after we'd finished a couple of the other girls and myself went a long to kfc to get something to eat which was a goode laugh.
 I have to admit that i really enjoyed myself not only was the trip enjoyable and informative but it was also nice getting to know some of the lasses a bit better outside the clasroom environment and i had a really good laugh with some of them.
In other news i'm planning on seeing harry potter at some point this weekend, here's hoping it'l be as good as it looks as i couldn't help feeling slightly dissapointed by the last couple of movies, there were just too many instances where the film deviated from the books the order of the pheonix being a particular culprit, now i expect films that are based on books to deviate from the books slightly but not to the extent that the last couple of harry potter films did... i swhall let you all know my thoughts on it over the weekend
one final thing is my reccomended read of the week and that is..
please don't make me go by john fenton, its one of those true life books much like a child called it and whilst there are some harrowing scenes, its set in a catholic run correctional facility for juvenile delinquents, there are also some really touching scenes and you can't help feeling glad when something nice finally happens to the main character... i would reccomend this book purely because its a good tale about the ability of the human spirit to withstand various hardships, and whilst there is a strong religious theme throgh out the book its not preachy or condescending in the slightest but rather allows you an insite as to why some people find religon a comfort.

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