Monday, 15 November 2010

the perfect winter coat

hello there,
now i know i haven't updated in awhile *ducks rotten food stuffs*so i thought i would just write a quick piece so that no one thinks i've died a horrible and painful death... I would makeup an excuse about not having oodles of time on my hands due to college but that would be a blatent mistruth, i'm just lazy >.<
Now as a slight deveation from from the usual bookish type blog i thought i would post something about my search for the perfect winter coat, cause i figure it deserves a blog and i'm rather pleased with my purchase :)
I first decided that i needed a new coat in the middle of august, the old one was looking decidedly the worse for wear several buttons were missing, the seams had pretty much gone and it had faded to a rather icky grey there was also the rather irritating problem of there being no firetruckin pockets... Now believe it or not i am actually very fussy about the coats that i wear and the coat i had in mind was very specific, it would have to be wool either pure or a wool polyester mix, in either grey, black or purple, i cant stand this trend for camel coloured coats etc anything camel coloured should be left in the past where it belongs. The coat ideally would be militaryish in style, with double breasted buttons and it would nip in at the waist. See i told you i was fussy,
after getting an idea of what i wanted i immediatley set out  to track down the elusive item, starting in my hometown i went into every possible shop that sells coats, not including charity shops this really only amounts to three possible shops, shop number one threw up a couple of possibillity's that contained at least 4 of the requirements i wanted, unfortunatley they ddn't fit, casing me to curse my cleavage quite viscously, shop number two was the same and shop number three had nothing. I decided to carry on the search when i came down south to attend college and for the next few months went into every possible clothes shop from primark to peacocks and everything in between, still nothing, even my searches in the internet were fruitless, i did manage to find a couple of coats that i really liked but i couldn't justify spending the amount of money that they required on them - modcloth i'm looking at you-
time was swiftly moving on and it was coming up to the middle of November, i needed a new coat by the end of the week or the winter was going to be extremely unpleasant, so after getting rather frantic i decided to try the one clothes shop i hadn't tried thus far NEWLOOK, and miracle of all miracles i found the perfect coat, i could have wept and if i was the kind of person given to public displays of emotion i would have.
 This is the coat in question, i'm afraid that if i tried to describe it i wouldn't do it justice but suffice to say it is exactly what i was looking for and at the very reasonable price of £50 quid with a student discount i couldn't say no
 well i hope you enjoyed reading that and i shall blog again soon.

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